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The Screen and Connect Program

What You Need to Know

The Game Plan

  • Read Connection Mode (or listen to the audiobook) before you start so you have some knowledge of lower brain screenings, as well as why “in the meantime” actions are helpful and effective. (But you can also jump right into Screen and Connect—and then read Connection Mode at a later date to learn how these screenings came about and to earn more on how incomplete lower brain development shows up in our daily life.)

  • Watch the course videos (at your own convenience) to learn how to do each screening.

  • Watch “live” screenings of people of all ages.

  • Practice screening others.

  • Read the “in the meantime” suggestions for those who haven’t completed their lower brain development.

  • Implement those actions whenever you now interact with such people.

The Realities

(It’s a challenge to make reality statements sound cheery, so please know that we’re way nicer than how any of this might come across.)

  • Since we don’t offer refunds, you need to be sure that this is a program you’d like to own before you purchase it.

  • While we always appreciate enthusiasm when learning something new, you can’t share with others your log-in information or other course materials (other than what are used as part of a screening).

  • You can’t charge anyone for a Brain Highways screening (though you can facilitate a screening as part of services that you already provide).

  • There’s no additional support, such as asking staff to answer individual questions about the course content or about a screening that you have facilitated.

The Best Part

  • You learn a time-tested (fast) screening to know who hasn’t completed their lower brain development, and you acquire a myriad of ways to make it easy for such people to shine and stay in connection mode ("in the meantime”).

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