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Kids and adults learn how to “text” their nervous system by doing simple actions to stay calm and grounded at home, in the classroom, on the sports field, and more.

Course fee: $45

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Book Breathing Contest

Havening with Words

Chair Push-Ups

Sometimes surprises are fun—and sometimes they blindside us.

That's why our Resolve and Replenish Program's "What You Need to Know" page spells out everything. (As a heads up, you'll be asked to confirm that you've read this page as part of the enrollment process.)

If every child competed the Brain Highways curriculum, school districts would save thousands of dollars on remedial programs, and children would have the opportunity to learn with joy and success.

Emily Andrade

Retired Assistant Superintendent

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I screen myself?
    No. These screenings are facilitated by another person who has learned to not only give the exact directions, but who also has learned what to observe and how that relates to possible problems in our daily life. However, individuals can do our online screening quiz all on their own.
  • Do I need to purchase anything to facilitate the screenings?
    No, the screenings either require nothing extra, or they need a handout related to the screening challenge, which is included in the course.
  • Is Brain Highways staff available to answer individual questions?
    No, the format of this course does not include that kind of interaction.
  • Is it necessary to learn how to do each of the three primary screenings?
    No, the core screening provides a very accurate picture of the lower brain development. The other screenings just provide even more information.
  • How quickly does someone become skilled at facilitating a lower brain screening?
    The brain learns best by experience. The more you practice facilitating a lower brain screening, the more skilled you become. At one point, facilitating a lower brain screening becomes automated and effortless to do.
  • What does the connect module of the program include?
    This part of the program offers simple ways to apply what was learned about a person’s lower brain development as we now set up our class or work or home environment, interact with such people, assign tasks, and more. Not only does this module includes over 100 specific suggestions, but it also explains why we can expect such people (and ourselves) to go into protection mode if no accommodations are ever made.

Anyone who’d like to watch videos of the resolving and replenishing actions presented in Connection Mode


27 short, entertaining (and mostly follow-along) videos of 45 easy-to-do calming and grounding actions


Watching program videos at your convenience

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