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An International Educational Program


Kids and adults learn how to “text” their nervous system by doing simple actions to stay calm and grounded at home, in the classroom, on the sports field, and more.

Course fee: $45

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from Resolve and Replenish Videos

Book Breathing Contest

Havening with Words

Chair Push-Ups

Sometimes surprises are fun—and sometimes they blindside us.

That's why our Resolve and Replenish Program's "What You Need to Know" page spells out everything. (As a heads up, you'll be asked to confirm that you've read this page as part of the enrollment process.)

If every child competed the Brain Highways curriculum, school districts would save thousands of dollars on remedial programs, and children would have the opportunity to learn with joy and success.

Emily Andrade

Retired Assistant Superintendent

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who’d like to watch videos of the resolving and replenishing actions presented in Connection Mode


27 short, entertaining (and mostly follow-along) videos of 45 easy-to-do calming and grounding actions


Watching program videos at your convenience

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