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Five unique programs make it wildly fun for kids and adults to change their brain, restore their nervous system's flexibility, and stay in connection mode.

Explore our programs.

Our programs differ in commitment, cost, format, and support.

Our Family and Adult Programs focus on restoring the nervous system’s flexibility, completing the lower brain development, and learning how to live life mostly in connection mode.


Our Screen and Connect Program presents compelling footage of lower brain assessments, how to facilitate such screenings, and 100 simple actions to help those with incomplete lower brain development learn and stay in connection mode.


Our Resolve and Replenish Program presents 28 short videos of how to do calming actions (most of which adults and kids can just follow along).

Listen to an introductory podcast.
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Like taking an entertaining masterclass, Nancy Green (creator of Brain Highways) teaches how a partnership between developing our lower brain development and restoring our nervous system becomes the gateway to connection mode in this interview with Gina Ferrar.

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