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An International Educational Program


Assess anyone’s current lower brain development with simple screenings that take less than five minutes.


Learn 100+ ways to help those with incomplete lower brain development focus, learn, and stay in connection mode.

Course fee: $65 (This course will be available for purchase on Oct. 1.)

What a Screening Shows
A Screen and Connect Preview

Teachers, parents, therapists, coaches, counselors, medical professionals, employers—anyone who wants to learn (fun) ways to screen adults and kids for a possible lower brain connection


Videos and instructions on how to facilitate screenings; footage of kids and adults being screened; 100+ ways to help those with incomplete lower brain development stay connected and on task


Watching program videos and reviewing support materials at your own pace

Sometimes surprises are fun— and sometimes they blindside us.

That's why our Screen and Connect Program's "What You Need to Know" page spells out everything. (As a heads up, you'll be asked to confirm that you've read this page as part of the enrollment process.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Back when I was one of the first teachers in public schools trained to do Brain Highways, my students always loved participating in the activities. I’m not surprised that it has become an international program that helps so many people.

Lori Varga