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Flying Solo

What You Need to Know

The Game Plan

  • Read Connection Mode (or listen to the audiobook) before you start so that you understand the potential challenges of developing the lower brain later in life.

  • Receive your first module on the course’s start date; the second module at the 8-week mark, and the third module at the 16-week mark. 

  • Watch the course videos and review the support materials in each module.

  • Submit your first video footage within three days of your course’s start date; your second video submission within three days of the 8-week mark; and your third video submission within three days of the 16-week mark.

  • Do the lower brain movements for a total of 20 hours (or more if you choose) between each video submission.

The Realities

(It’s a challenge to make reality statements sound cheery, so please know that we’re way nicer than how any of this might come across.)

  • Since we don’t offer refunds, you need to be sure that this program is a good fit for you before you enroll.

  • While we always appreciate enthusiasm when learning something new, you can’t share your log-in information or course materials with others.

  • The feedback for each of your three video footage submissions is the full extent of any individualized support in this program.

  • If you miss any video submission deadline, you still receive the rest of the course materials; however, you will have taken yourself out of the loop for submitting subsequent footage and receiving that feedback. (Exceptions are for extenuating circumstances, and you contacted your class facilitator within the three days of your footage’s due date)

  • The Flying Solo program does not offer individualized support beyond your video feedback or present materials on how to change other parts of your brain and nervous system.

  • Although anyone can always enroll in the Adult or Family Programs (if you later decide you’d like the individualized support and comprehensive brain and nervous system information presented in those courses) you can’t credit this course fee to either of those programs.

  • In a world where who’s liable is sometimes ambiguous, we want to clarify here that you assume full responsibility and all liability for everything related to your participation in the Flying Solo Program.

The Best Part

  • You learn how to finish your lower brain development. 

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