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What You Need to Know
The Base Family Program with Basic Support

What You Do in the 11-Week* Family Course

  • Open your new weekly materials link at the start of each week.

  • Click on each day’s link on that corresponding day.

  • Follow the steps appearing on each day’s page, which includes doing (daily) 30-minutes of the lower brain movements** alongside your child. (You decide when during the day you do this.)

  • Learn about the nervous system and brain within that 30-minute period, where you and your child listen (on average) to 2-3 short audio clips while doing the lower brain movements and take short breaks to watch (on average) 2-3 entertaining and informative videos.

  • Spend about another 10 minutes from Sunday to Friday (also at any time you choose) to watch additional videos and audio clips, as well to review infographics and pdf files that summarize and support each day’s content. (This part is just for parents.)

  • Give your brain a chance to integrate what you’ve learned within the first half of the course by reviewing prior materials or just taking a break from learning anything new during Brain Integration Week. (While no new materials are presented that week, you and your child still do the daily lower brain movements.)

  • Write down whatever questions or concerns that you may have between support sessions and have those ready to share when you meet with your class facilitator.

  • Submit whatever assignments (e.g., video footage, checking-in questionnaires) before your support session so that your class facilitator has a chance to review everything ahead of time.

  • Show up for your support sessions.


  * You begin this course with two (parent-only) pre-course weeks. Kids join you in Week 1 for the remaining 9 weeks.

  ** You can opt to change the 30-minute daily commitment to 20 minutes for some (or all) days, while noting that such modifications may delay how quickly you experience changes.

The Realities

It’s a challenge to make reality statements sound cheery, so please know that we’re way nicer than how this might come across.

  • Since we don’t offer refunds, be sure you’re able to do the course as intended (along with the Basic Support) before you enroll.

  • Exceptions are if unexpected extenuating circumstances now make it impossible for you to continue with the course. In such a case, we offer a one-time credit for the following session.

  • Since Brain Highways is not a medical program, there is, unfortunately, no way for medical insurance or flex plans to pay for this course.

  • While we always appreciate enthusiasm when learning, you can’t share any of the course materials with those outside of your family, such as forwarding links or duplicating materials or trying to teach parts of the program to others.

  • All Basic Support takes place during each of your 1:1 Zoom sessions, meaning there is no further help via email or phone in-between sessions about the course; however, there is support if (for whatever reason) you have trouble accessing the weekly materials.

  • While participants can download and save all the course’s infographics and pdf files, they no longer have access to that week’s audio clips and videos once they receive the next week’s link. (Knowing this helps to motivate participants to do the program daily and not fall behind.)

  • In a world where who’s liable is sometimes ambiguous, we want to clarify here that you assume full responsibility and all liability for whatever your family chooses to do related to your participation in the Family Program.

The Best Part

  • You change your brain and nervous system—and have lots of fun while doing so!

Basic Support Specifics


This support package covers up to three family members (although the whole family can participate in the daily self-guided part of the program).


Support participants can be two parents and one child or one parent and two children. However, please note there is no change in cost for only one parent and one child. There is also no option for just three children since at least one parent needs to be an active participant.

Support Sessions 

Along with following the 11-week, daily self-guided base program, you also interact with your class facilitator for a total of five, 20-minutes-long, 1:1 Zoom sessions, every other week (excluding Brain Integration Week), spread over the span of the course.

Support sessions may include (but are not limited to), your class facilitator:

  • sharing lower brain assessment percentages

  • fine-tuning participants’ lower brain movements (to ensure they’re done in the most efficient way) 

  • making other program modifications (if needed) 

  • personalizing ways to overcome any resistance

  • providing guidance for implementing program activities 

  • expanding on participants’ questionnaire reflections 

  • demonstrating program techniques with a child

  • answering questions



One week prior to your start date, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your specific support times. These sessions are offered on Sundays from 8-10:00 am (Pacific Time) or from 4:00-7:00 pm (Pacific Time) and on Mondays from 6:30-7:30 am (Pacific Time) or 5:30-6:30 pm (Pacific Time). Since all slots are filled on a first-come/first-serve basis, it’s best to lock in your times as soon as possible.

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