Is there a common thread that explains why so many kids are struggling?

The Brain Highways participants are the stars and artists of our short introductory videos.  Once upon a time, they struggled in many ways. So they wanted people to know how underdeveloped lower centers of the brain and poor sensory processing can affect learning, focus, coordination, and social interactions. They also wanted kids to know that life’s a whole lot easier with a well-organized brain.

“Neuroplasticity and reorganization is where neuroscience is headed today.  The Brain Highways program is ahead of its time since it provides an innovative curriculum that gives parents a mechanism to actually change how their child’s brain functions.”

Mary ET Boyle, Ph.D. Neuroscientist
University of California, San Diego 

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Watch these short, entertaining videos to learn more.
  • A Disorganized Brain
  • The Pons
  • The Midbrain
  • Vestibular Processing
  • Proprioception
  • Speech and Language