Back when I was one of the first public school teachers trained to do Brain Highways, my students always loved participating in the activities. I’m not surprised that it has become an international program that helps so many families.”

Lori Varga
Elementary School Teacher

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About Brain Highways

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What started out as a pilot in the public schools has evolved into an international program. Now kids and adults from all over the world have participated in Brain Highways courses, experiencing first-hand how it’s truly possible to change the brain.

In 1999, Brain Highways began as a small, pilot program at Paul Ecke Elementary School in Encinitas, California.  Funded by a Wells Fargo Bank grant, the initial goal was to find a common thread that explained why so many of today’s kids were struggling.
Positive results from that first pilot program led to other public school administrators’ requests for Brain Highways training for their teachers. For the next five years, the Brain Highways program was only available in public schools in San Diego’s North County.
In 2004, the Brain Highways Center opened in San Diego so that entire families could benefit from the program. Here, kids, moms and dads learn how to organize their brain, as well as how to create one that's more positive than negative. Best of all, the Center is a hub where parents and their kids have a blast as they participate in a myriad of brain-related activities.  Since the San Diego Center first opened its doors, over 6,000 participants have now participated in our core and enrichment programs. 

In March, 2010, we launched our online program. Since then, families from all over the United States, as well as from far away places such as Hong Kong, Kenya, and India, have successfully participated in this program.
In April, 2011, we opened the Denver Brain Highways Center. Modeled after the San Diego Center, this 2400 square-foot site provides yet another hub for families to participate in the local core and enrichment programs.